in life together

we ventured out with friends to bike the park today (although this time i double checked my spare pants situation before leaving the house :)
gusty breezes and low 50's didn't seem to interrupt the fun. we stretched long into the afternoon. past the time i would usually head home. and it was lovely. slow. wonderfully slow. they rode. ate pb&j's and various other items that seemed to keep appearing out of my bag, and rode some more.

my dear friend and i sat and chatted and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and shivered occasionally against the sudden gusty breezes. with a newborn snuggled close, warm and snoozing, she snapped photos with her oh-so-awesome new cannon and we watched as the boys rode back and forth and back and forth. never seeming to tire of the same stretch of pavement. somehow they enjoyed it all the more as each one took turns borrowing a bike or stopping at the repair shop and fixing each other's 'broken' tires or wheel assembly, or nearly running over rowan when he jumped out to say "red light!"

there is something so wonderful about a dear friend. their presence is calming. their sincerity. their willingness to listen. to share in life. to be right in the moment and ready to sit and not rush.
my dear friend, you are amazing. i am thankful for our many years together. we met at 10 years old on the soccer field. you were at my pizza hut birthday party when i turned 13 and i had the frizziest hair perm known to man. softball matches and expiriencing china together. having babies and growing them up together. barnes and noble at 7:45. knowing when i see you, you see the real me, and i don't even have to say anything.
you challenge me and inspire me. as a mom. as a woman of God. in the way you love people and in the way you see the world. you're making a real impact on the world around you. and on me. you should know that. soat it in. keep living it.
i love knowing we are in life together. my life is better because of you.

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  1. There is nothing in the world like dear, sweet friendships!



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