it's friday. finally.

the close of a long week.
ah. breathe.
i've been having one of those "if i can just get to friday, i'll be ok" weeks
somehow i end up with so much going on, i forget i am allowed to breathe.
i woke up this morning and decided i would forget about all of the packing (we're moving this weekend to my parents house) and lesson planning and craft show prep and orders that i need to finish and the dinner i'm making for a friend who just had a baby and 4 loads of laundry and a mounting pile of paperwork i need to sort through before we move and the shower i haven't had yet and the 7 phone calls i need to make and the unretunred library book that is a week overdue and the supplies i need from joanns and the homemade Christmas project i'm working on and the 15 items i need to find time to list on etsy. the list could continue into the next millennium.

when did life get so crazy? or maybe when did i let things get so out of control?

i whine to my husband that i haven't sat down in weeks, or even months. granted, i do like to whine. somehow it makes me feel better. i'm sure he would agree that i doesn't really help him very much to listen to it :)

i used to spend at least and hour or 2 most nights watching E! or bravo or some sort of scrubs or the office re-runs on tv each night. i would savor a bowl of ice cream and perhaps a glass of sangria in my comfy pants. yeah, i would fold laundry or meander about cleaning this or that, or prepping dinner, or organizing, but somehow i rarely felt stressed out from the vast quantity of things i was juggling. i could prioritize. i could balance.

but now, i just find myself always juggling. never ever sitting or resting or stopping. i have so many things up in the air at one time, but i can't seem to hold one of them long enough to finish it before i loose track of the other ones and they fall out of control.
so i juggle.
they are all up there floating, only touching my hands for a moment.
then another gets thrown in, and another, each one adding less time i get with the other balls in the air.
somehow i need to decide to let them fall, so i can hold on to a few and do them well.

it's control. it's me, wanting control.
i need to let them fall on my own, before i get knocked over by something else because i am so busy juggling that i can't look around at my surroundings.

so here's to a day with no juggling.
it's friday. i'm going to pretend it's a day of rest :)

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  1. I totally feel ya! Granted my list of things is different than yours, but I'm struggling with finding time to get everything done.

    Patsy Green did an awesome job at the women's forum at Providence on Saturday about balancing the demands of life.



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