mitten mishap

yesterday, we went to the park bright and early with our favorite gal pals, penny and eleanor. we brought bikes, and due to the winter-ish temperatures, we also brought hats, winter jackets and mittens.
snuggled and warm, the kids headed over the rolling park trails and laurel and i lingered behind, chatting and coaxing rowan to venture forth and then attempting to remind him how to use his breaks once he did decide to venture.

we moved from bikes to playground apparatus. i was finagling a bike helmet off of rowan, when foster came running. it seems his mitten hands worked well at keeping his hands warm, but failed to assist him when it came time to use the potty. somehow the slippery mittens and slippery sweatpants were a non grippy combo. none-the-less, we had a situation. i gave him my "no problem buddy" smile and we headed for the car. i opened my bag and in an instant remembered i had cleaned it out by some miracle the night before, but failed to put back our spare pants (which we haven't used in 6 months, so i kept wondering why i stuff them in my bag every morning). of course. the one time i take them out, i need them. such is life.

"oh man, buddy. i think we have a problem! mommy took the spare pants out by accident! what are we going to do? it's too cold to play with no pants!"

i could see his distress..."but eleanor is waiting for me, mom!"

"ok. lets figure out what we can fashion. maybe we can make pants out of something..." i said, but doubting my own words.

i peered into the trunk, and in one moment, i remembered my own procrastination...a bag of baby clothes a friend gave back to me this fall after she had borrowed them...0-6 month old baby clothes to be exact...
i dug through and found the biggest pair of pants i could find, but they were so tiny, foster and i both laughed out loud.
"well buddy, looks like you'll have to wear your old baby pants! can you do that, or will you be too cold?"

"no problem mom. i can wear baby clothes! i just want to play with eleanor! besides, i like being cold!"

so off he went. in lycra-like skin tight shorts...never complained a bit. in fact, he's always complaining he's too hot, so maybe the shorts with a winter coat were a great combo.


  1. I laughed out loud at these pictures! I love his little "clam digger" pants! So cute!

  2. I laughed out loud too! You have such a great way of telling a story!

  3. I cried I was laughing so hard. Ryan asked what was so funny. He too laughed:)

    I love your boys!



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