national federation of awesome hair

we are members. gold star members.

i love little boys and awesome, wild hair. i say throw caution to the wind, along with little old ladies who mistake you for a girl, and let your hair be free.

apparently, little boys with glasses who constantly need to "swoop" their hair out of their eyes have begun to petition the national federation for a bit of a snip.

foster started asking me to cut his "bangs" last week. every few minuets, i heard "mom, these bangs are really in my way. they keep hanging in my eyes. can you cut them up to here???" he would ask, while pulling his bangs straight up and over his forehead so only his skin remained.
"ok, we'll think about it buddy. maybe a little trim."

next i heard, "can i get a hair cut mom? like a real one? maybe all of my hair could be short?"

it was a theme. i decided to roll with it.

when daddy came home, the conversation continued. we snagged the camera and some clippers, double checked with the national federation of awesome hair (who responded via email saying "hair grows. go with it.")

and the clippage began.

if i'm being totally honest, i love his old, long hair. but, even more, i love that he loves his new hair and that he chose it. he keeps looking at himself in the mirror and giggling. he marvels at how different he looks...and so do we!


  1. Love it and I am so proud of you for letting him pick his own style. Whenever Katie wants her hair cut, I just change the subject.

  2. Love it, you can really see his cute little face now!

  3. It looks so cute! Our oldest has longer hair, and people always call him a "she". We just correct them and move right along :) I can't wait until our little one has enough hair for it to be long(ish).



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