ordinary heros

i just found out about an amazing family who started a foundation to advocate for orphans as well as families seeking to adopt...they are amazing. beautiful. generous. truly heros.

AND they have generously given up their tshirt sale profits in the month of November to a large group of families who are adopting...
and WE are one of those families!!!

BUY any shirt from their website in November...

PUT our name in the "add special instructions" area during the checkout of your order...
(clint and angie weldon adoption)

and $10 goes directly to our adoption agency for each tshirt sold!!!

AND you get a really sweet shirt!!

if we are one of the top 3 highest selling families, Ordinary Hero has generously offered to MATCH all of the funds we raise!

i'm thinking christmas gifts!!!

read more about this amazing family here...they are indeed making a difference!!

oh, and buy a tshirt. pretty please :)

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