we joined a few friends and family for a candy filled block party on sunday...it was delightful. the little town of downingtown is like a 1950's hometown neighborhood. people are out and about. they bring hot apple pies. they sit on their front porch. they make individual bags of candy for each of the 300-some trick-or-treaters. they have games. bottles of water. old folkes on lawn chairs. it's like a big neighborhood community...the kind we always think of, but rarely does anyone have anymore.

wall-e was quite a showstopper. as we walked, i kept hearing "look, there's wall-e!"    "hey, that kid made his own wall-e costume! no way!"  
i don't think foster even knew how ridiculously cute he was...he just kept bopping along with his friend the pirate.

farther back in tow was the cutest pink pig i've ever seen. rowan found this costume at a friends' house and has worn it everyday since...he gallops around the house in farmland...and was delighted to wear it out in public. he kept squealing with delight when he would see another house with candy. the concept never really caught up that each house had a willing candy giver. it was adorable.

thanks to a box, duct tape, some old yellow fabric, and my printer, we made wall-e. it cost $0. best costume ever.

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  1. um yes, hands down, best costume ever! helps that the kid wearing it is awesomely handsome too!



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