winter optional

we emerged from the house today to find the most lovely of all fall days.

our jackets were quickly thrown aside and we traipsed about throwing footballs and leaves and riding bikes and dumping sand.
the weather outside feels the way i do on my insides.
amidst falling leaves and changing tides...dying perennials and barren forests...
life remains.
the fall and i have much in common.
seasons of change may look bleak from the outside, but closer inspection shows great potential.

and each day i dream of her. hoping, praying, this is the last fall without her.


i'm reading this book with a group of girlfriends. it's rocking my world. my faith. my view of everything.
it's $5.60 on amazon. plunge in. it's incredible.


  1. I can't tell you how many times I have picked up that book yet never bought it. You've convinced me to plunge in!

  2. is it really good? Carla and I were talking about starting it in january... keep me posted after you read it!

  3. ps- LOVE the necklace for your sweet girl and hoping this is your last holiday season without her... what a blessing she will be when she's finally here with us!!!

  4. i am reading crazy love too...and i love it. it sums up my life perfectly in that, sometimes following god (i.e. adopting a 5th child) is a crazy thing.


  5. I just got this book but haven't dug in quite yet. Looking forward to reading it soon. LOVE the necklace. Very cool.



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