the smuf head and snowball perfection

we are notorious snow-day make-shifters. we thrown on whatever items we can find that appear warm, and whether lovely or not (hence my smurf hat donned with my dad's coveralls....me and rowan's matching hot pink scarves...and clint in an old ski hat from 1979) we head out into the snowy bliss.

i admit. freezing my bootscoot and getting snow-ice sprayed up my pant legs isn't my favorite pastime...but then the zip of a toboggan...the whoosh of a saucer...the squeals of those sliding by and down down down into the far off region of the neighbors hillside yard...it beckons. i forget how much i hate to be cold, and we squander in the snow...making warp speed perfect snowballs (thank you 5 and below for this year's best purchase)

and we throw out our old baseball arms whilst nearly missing a stray child's cheek...we pile on blow up tubes and have saucer races and the winner takes all using any methods necessary. it's one of my favorite winter things.

i must mention, even before heading out into the snow-filled wonderland, i already dread the 1/2 hour it will take to get all of those little arms and legs and hands and heads donned in warm attire. and i can photographically picture the piles upon piles of wet and half dirty snow clothes that will no-doubt lay in dismay when we come back in. oh the soggy jackets. oh the cleaning of salt and grime from the floors. oh the 3 loads of snow clothes laundry that will surely lay in the basement for at least 2 days.

but, oh. for a few moments...it's perfection.

you can't beat little boys in snowy glasses and aunts and uncles who sled even in their mom's old duck boots :)

we were even met with this perfection as we were taking our last few slides.

thanks dad for snapping these pics...even though your feet were freezing in your crocs :)

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