telemarketer in training

 we've been in a phone call phase recently. countless times a day we leave adorable laden voicemails for unsuspecting members of my contact list. we have a few repeat customers, but every once in a while, a new number gets added to the list. yesterday, our call list included 5 voicemails and 2 live pickups. hopefully we aren't creating a future telemarketer, but perhaps if he were, an evening dinnertime phone call wouldn't be quite so annoying if his sweet little voice was the one selling me something. i might just sign up for long distance service i didn't need. and i'm pretty sure i'd give up my credit card to an envelope stuffing scam if he were the sweet little cutie tootie on the other end of the line.


  1. i love when he rested his elbow on his knee...like it was getting to be a really long conversation :)

  2. I wish Rowan would call me every. single. day. Seriously, it could never, ever get old!



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