i'm not biast...it's the truth

i have a friend who writes a delightful blog...she effortless photographs the meals she features...i seriously want to invite myself over to dinner every night so i can (1.) eat amazing homemade goodness (2.) find out how she gets such lovely perfection when she photographs her ingredients. mine are never so clear or sensational. and i'm sure mine don't taste so delicious, either :)

i practiced at lunch...and was continually frustrated with the so-so photog results...

but found i was even more in love with these little buddies...

who each made their own type of mac and cheese...

...and continually sampled each other's choices.

it was lovely perfection.
geeze i love them.
they're crazy awesome kids...i'm not biast...it's the truth :)

by the by, i noticed that it was lunchtime when i shot these, and my kids are still in their pj's. and then i looked down at the mom typing this blog post, and she's in her pj's too...we may have fun making mac and cheese, but we are way too lazy to put on real clothes :)


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. However my photos are definitely not effortless :) I probably take 20-30 shots of the same exact thing before picking one or two to edit! It keeps me busy, that's for sure. Love you and your boys-and with those mac n' cheese creations...who know...maybe they will be food bloggers one day ;)

  2. oh, I love the pics of your boys feeding each other! My boys do that too, and for some reason it just melts my heart every time. That sweet, simple act of caring for each other, doing something nice for each other.
    and also, we laze around in our PJ's most of the day on a regular basis. You are so not alone in that one!



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