it's not impossible to be rejuvinated.

i literally want to run upstairs and wake up my kids. i cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive. this project is going to knock their little socks right off of their cute little toes.

just as i began to tread water at the thought of monday morning project mayhem...feeling the weight of overwhelmed and anticipating the morning scramble....i opened my inbox to find my sweet friend forwarded me a link to Made by Joel and i've spent an hour ooh-ing over his clever and lovely designs. i haven't seen anything quite so simple and astonishing in quite some time...something totally free and full of the promise of inventive play. i'm in love.

 and if i can figure out how to use my husbands drill all my myself, i'm going to add this to the ensemble.

my boys have been loving any type of family role play and are intrigued by doll houses and little people and little play things. they always include a baby sister into the mix and i nearly cry 12 times a day as i watch them tenderly carry around a random stuffed animal which has been transformed into "sister." they pass her back and forth, and make little cribs and take her for rides on helicopters. hilarious and heart melting.

paper-ville will also suit us well, since we often break into a wrestling match at any given moment. a dainty dollhouse just won't do. at least this kind can be squashed and re-taped, or quickly remade if a monster truck decides to bust into town and wreak havoc on our village.

as i type, i am currently going a bit overboard and even adding a few accents to my printouts...and leaving the rest blank for creative little boys to create

then the day after we're going to make this....and this...

and the day after we're going to make these because they're easy and cute, oh, and they're free...and i think our town and it's inhabitants are worthy of some pizazz...i can already invision them strung up and running amuck in the boys' room...colorful and messy, just as they should be.

and maybe, just maybe, my hubby can whip one of these up on his lunch break this week...it would surely turn a cold snow day into a delightful competition of brotherly delight.

join in. and please, pretty please, tell me the clever ideas you are doing this week. i need something for thursday and friday for fear that i might lapse back into mayhem :)

thanks linds. i needed inspiration. i needed my dear friend to remind me that it's not impossible to be rejuvinated.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the town! I'm stealing the idea - the kids will L-O-V-E that!!

  2. We just spent an hour learning our address and phone number with flash cards I made out of index cards. Katie loved it. It was fun and educational.

  3. you are so cute. i hope i can be like you when we have kids =)

  4. So we made snowflakes today....boy are we lame!! Thanks for sharing Linds too!!) Now I will have loads and loads of ideas to pull from:):)

  5. I so wish I had clever ideas to offer! This is so far outside of what I ever do but ah, I am in love. It reminds me so much of what my Mom would do for me when I was younger and my Sister and I would be entertained for weeks. There is a huge side of me that is creative and crafty like this but if it's just for my benefit, I won't really do it. I am hoping when I have kids that that side shows more because this looks so fun and I KNOW your hard work will be appreciated by them, and that will make it worth it. PS great idea to have toys that can be ruined without hardship, makes running things over with monster trucks that much better.

  6. Just a few things...

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog (Solo and the Wookiee) and for your compliments. Really. Totally made my day.

    2. I LOVE your etsy store. Your bags are really beautiful!

    3. Speaking of beautiful. Your family is beautiful. And a huge CONGRATS on your new daughter. I'll be eagerly following along now.

    4. I love that you guys lived in China. My husband and I met there on a summer program in Shanghai and we spend a lot of time there. I admire your sense of adventure. :)

    5. I LOVE Made by Joel. That guy is a genius.




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