kit-kat coupon

for christmas i made each of the boys a little coupon book with fun little coupons like "go get ritas ice cream with mommy"  or  "stay up late with mommy and daddy." it's pretty cute, if i must say so myself.
i want them to know we value special time with them. i want to them to remember staying up late snuggling on the couch. i want them to remember time spent one on one with their mom or dad. i think it's vital. i remember often having special time with my parents when i was growing up and it meant so much to me. my parents made it a priority, and i want to do the same.

today foster chose his coupon... "pick a treat and help make it"
when i asked him what he wanted to make, he didn't hesitate. "KIT-KATS!!"
i looked at him with dismay. i was expecting "pudding" or "jello." seriously. how do you make kit-kats???
i still don't know where he got this idea...we've had kit-kats maybe once or twice in his entire lifetime...but he was sure that's what he wanted, and i wasn't about to do anything but make kit kats.

google and i managed to find a recipe that included all ingredients we had on hand.

it was the perfect kid-friendly recipe. there was plenty of cracker arranging while i was melting and mixing things on the stove.

and seriously...they were way too tasty. i schlepped half of them off to stephen and lauren as fast as i could, for fear that more of my clothes wouldn't fit after consuming them :)

oh, and this is what i get when i say "smile"...

and this is what i get when i say "boogies"...

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  1. Love it and LOVE the coupon book idea.
    When I take pictures of kids I say "baby diaper" it always makes great smiles.



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