wristlet clutch bag photo tutorial

if you have a sewing machine, or one you can borrow...but you're not sure where to start...start with this.
i will never claim to know everything about sewing, but i know how to make stuff up :) and search google for hours to figure something out. not to mention a love hate relationship with my seam ripper :)

you'll end up with something you can actually use or give as a gift...or as a fun little tote bag for your kids. and you'll learn how to sew straight, put in a zipper, make a wristlet, and how to do those fun little corners at the bottom of real handbags at target. :)

i made these with the boys last week...they choose their own fabric and zipper color...they got to press the "gas" and make the sewing machine go, and i let them choose different stitch settings...they loved it, and have carried these little bags all around the house. adorable.
and who says little boys don't need handbags? :)

oh, and check out what i found inside when i snapped these photos this evening...
the red car bag is rowies, and the tree bag is fosters...
i love to see what they find special on that particular day!

p.s. if you make it through my worlds-longest-photo-tutorial, :)  i'd love to see a pic of your bag!!!


  1. I got all excited to try the bag when I read you had a tutorial. Then I read your tutorial, and now I am scared!!! I have a sewing machine...that doesn't mean I know how to use it! But they are very very cute!!

  2. OOOOH! I can't wait to make one! This tutorial ROCKED!

  3. i did it! i made the bag! i decided against a strap because i didn't want to overwhelm myself. the stitching is not nearly as great as yours but for my first time i am happy!

  4. Stunning collection of wristlet clutch bags.....Thanks for updating such a great tutorial.



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