minty playdough

i must be the last mom on earth to have never made homemade play dough. i was convinced it was a giant mess making project (which it is) and i was sure i didn't have all of the ingredients (2 1/2 cups of salt? say what?). this week, we plunged forth and used the mounds of flour and salt as counting practice...as well as drops of food coloring...1 boy chose blue, 1 boy chose green.

after a 1/2 hour of super human stirring strength was mustered, all of the sudden, it appeared.
perfectly play-dough-ish and hideously pale blue-green. i was envisioning a lovely tone of blue or bright green...something fun and vivid. pasty teal was not what i had in mind.

i flopped in on the table, and immediately heard: "OH MOM! it's so BEAUTIFUL! it's mint chocolate chip play dough!!" foster exclaimed with gusto.

geeze. my attitude stinks.

i joined in his excitement and promptly scooped each a large bowl of "ice cream" to play with.

we made volcanoes and cars and snakes and cupcakes. it was awesome.

i got dinner prepped amidst the play, and we snuck by the perrilous 4-5pm hour without complaint.

it was devine.
thank you playdough.
i don't mind your mess or your salt heavy recipe. you are delightful. we might just make some strawberry swirl next week. 


  1. it weirdly puts me in the mood for mint chocolate chip ice cream....

  2. you are seriously super mom!!! my kids would LOVE to have you as their mommy!

  3. I've never made play doh either, although I've been wanting to try. 2 1/2 cups of salt?! Good grief!
    oh! When I was at Blissdom last week I spotted one of your bags :)



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