wet grass power slide

i have plans...as i always do...for our days events.
sometimes they are grand. sometimes they are practical. sometimes they are productive. sometimes they are boring.
today it was: post office. return at target. grocery store. home. lunch. nap.
yada yada. the same old thing.
find all the shoes and jackets. remember to bring the lovies and don't forget the grocery list. hurry and get in the car. wait i forgot my cell phone. oh and i forgot the grocery list. someone is whining because they dropped their favorite motorcycle. someone is upset because we aren't watching a movie in the car. we are in and out and in and out. sometimes i manage patience. sometimes i do not.

today, i was in the middle of trying to gather items to return, and gather things to take to the post office, and gather myself in such a way that i could disguise the fact i was still wearing what i slept in. so i sent the kids outside in their galoshes to play. after 15 minuets, i came out to find 2 boys flinging mud across the driveway, saying "look mommy, i'm only a little muddy. is it ok if i sit in the mulch and look for baby flower buds?" they were so crazy cute...trying so hard not to get muddy for our impending errand running, but wanting so desperatly to do a wet grass power slide.

honestly, i really wanted to get my errands run. we were dangerously close to 10:15, which means i was already pushing it to make 3 stops and get home in time for lunch.

i paused. "what if we skip our errands today, and just play in the mud???" i said with a smile.
the sounds of joy erupted. it was glorious. the mud flinging ensued. i brought out buckets of warm water and found their snow ball scoopers. enough said.

i'm not going to lie. i didn't really feel like having a mud day. it's such a giant pain to clean up muddy boy clothes. and it was misty/rain cold. and, well, i just didn't feel like exerting the energy required.

so i did what i always do when i need some oomph.
i started capturing their joy.
and it spreads.
kinda like muddy hand prints :)

seriously. little boys rock.
dirt. water. buckets = 2 hours of joy


  1. Little boys DO rock but I must say, this was me as a little girl, it was all outdoors and mud and bugs all the time, I can still remember it so clearly. Their joy is contagious, this is so cute and those images of the mud being flung are really well done. Great job.

  2. great job, mom!!! this so makes my heart smile!!! looks like it was a blast!

  3. LOVE these pictures. i'm still afraid of messes, don't think i could be as brave as you.



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