cheap and seedy

it's spring. or, at least it's supposed to be. it was 30 degrees yesterday. yuck.
but in hopes of spring sprouting someday soon, the boys have been sprouting.
it is by far, the fastest and most rewarding kids project.
cheap. that's even better than fast :)
dried beans, as it turns out, are quite easy to sprout. 
we were making a big pot of bean soup a few weeks back, and the boys asked if they could plant some of the beans. honestly, it was one of those projects that i was internally convinced would fail. are beans even seeds? but we proceeded. google led us to soak them in water for 3 hours. then my mom told us to keep them between damp paper towels in a tupperware for 4 days. lo and behold, we had the cutest little sprouts i've ever seen. i could hardly believe my eyes when those little babies sprouted so fast.
since then, we wake up and check our beans every morning. then again in the afternoon. sometimes an evening check is in order. and each day, they grow...it seems like they grow right before our eyes.

it still amazes me what a little bean, dirt, water, and sunlight can do. seriously, when you think about it? it's awesome. :)


  1. Your boys look like they are lovin' it!

  2. i seriously want to be like you when i grow up!!!! :) so fun!



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