emery + flora = bff

i have been on the look for classicly girl items. just one or two. but the most important ones. fancy shoes and the perfect doll/lovie. unimpressed at the selection of dolls in target, online, etc. i've gone off the map in my hunt. the dolls at target, toys r us, specialty stores...they don't look asian at all! they are either dora the explorer, bright blonde as the sun, or fire engine redheads. and while all are cute, i want something that looks like my baby girl. something she can squeeze. love. snuggle. something that isn't $200.  i started researching doll patterns to make her one...and they are SO cute and look fairly doable.
but i'm learning something important about myself as of late. i am notoriously over ambitions and i procrastinate. with everything else going on right now, can i seriously commit to the hours it will take to make her the doll i am dreaming of? to make it just right? no way. knowing me, i'll be up the night before our flight, half packing, half in a tissy over leaving the boys, half binge eating out of nervous anticipation, and half finishing emery's doll. no way. i'll have enough to freak out about, let alone a doll.

so i bought this today.

her name is flora. and i'm in love. the shoes. the bow. the eyes. the olive skin. sign.
she's even going to have dark black hair to accent her fantastic bow.
i love her so much and i can't WAIT for emery to love her. i hope to get my act together someday and make a family of them...my mom made me a doll when i was a little girl, and i cherished it. perhaps a summer project will ensue.

but for now, flora is en-route to us. just like emery.


  1. What an adorable doll!!! I bet she will love it!

    I don't know if you're familiar with Baby be Blessed dolls, but I bought one for Claire and she adores it. They are precious little dolls with Bible verses stitched on their tummies.
    Check them out sometime :) http://www.babybeblesseddolls.com/

  2. Emeline has a gorgeous african american (almost looks a tad-asian) from an etsy seller that looks SO much like that! I LOVE HER!! She is perfectly made and just precious in every way. I love etsy.

  3. oops, that was supposed to say *DOLL :)

  4. I love it, love you, and love her!

  5. again...with the heart...and the smiling. :)

  6. I favorited that etsy shop AND that doll just last week! xo LOVE IT.



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