favorite moments of today...and a few not-so favorites.

favorite quote:
foster: "mom, you can't just dance all day. you need to do some work!"

favorite food:
we made these today during the perrilous 12-1pm hour when i'm out of activities and the boys are not yet out of energy. the boys went down for a rest before they got to sample their workmanship. i took full advantage of a 9x13 sheet of these coconut/chocolate/graham cracker crust beauties.

not-so favorite #1:
the feeling of just having engorged an insane amount of said beauties.

not-so favorite #2:
sleeping through my alarm this morning, when i should have been meeting the girls at the gym for our recent mon/wed/fri 5:45am workout. uhg. coconut beauties are not a good non-workout day solution :(

favorite delivery:


  1. I just saw this! You got the doll today and I had your dream tonight. Happy tears!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog through "Grafted In". You and your family have a beautiful story. My family just sent our dossier to China and hoping to be logged in soon! I must say....I SUPER SAUCE LURVE that doll!!! Do you make them? Our blog is mamasmooncake.blogspot.com



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