fuzhou sisterhood

on december 20th, 2010, i had no idea there was a baby coming my way. i got an email at 11pm and i had no idea that there was a family...just like us...in their parallel world...getting the same exact news. a sisterhood was forming for both me and my daughter.

it was only a day or two after seeing Emery's photo for the first time, that i got a sweet email from Nicole. she's beautiful and talented. a loving and creative mom. a fantastic photographer and an amazing advocate for adoption. she has such an open and warm spirit...i loved her from our first email :)

(we finally got to meet last month at the Living Hope Adoption Luncheon!)
(photo courtesy of nicole chryst )

you see, her baby girl (brooklyn) is one day older than my emery. that's right. they were born ONE day apart. they were born in the SAME city in china (fuzhou)! they were brought to the same orphanage ONE day apart. they BOTH have CL/CP! (that means they both have cute little cleft lip/cleft palates), and their names are almost the same: fu jing liu (emery) and fu jing gui (brooklyn)

pending our delay (please, oh please, Lord, let it only be a few days), we will get to travel together to china and meet our babies together!!!

seriously. i couldn't have dreamed up such an amazing adoption scenario!!! to have another family within a few hours from us with a little girl who has so much in common with our emery?? this rocks!!

i love that our families will be linked forever...we won't know much about our daughters' past, but we will all have each other as a link to their history that began together.

(photo courtesy of nicole chryst )

nicole is one of the most genuine, proactive, sweet and kind people i've ever met. she loves deeply and is a mom with passion...oh how i love moms of passion!! check out her blog and her photography...she's awesome!

speaking of which, i've also met kelly...

(pictured in the center with her sweet daughter Lydia)
(photo courtesy of nicole chryst photography)

a rockin mom of 4, who's got personality for days and a vivacious love for life that glows off of her. she heard we got our referrals and reached out with so much incredible information as well as a wealth of love. check out her blog and her website we are grafted in AND this amazing company who makes custom Chinese character necklaces!!

nicole and i each got one with our daughter's names in chinese!

i've been wanted to make something special for brooklyn and emery...a little something they can wear this summer...their first summer at home...and we moms can pray for their fuzhou sisters still waiting in china.

oh, and i've been wanting to learn how to applique...thanks to the university of google :) and some scraps from leftover fabric, i'm so excited to see they turned out quite cute, if i might say so myself.
the matching owls are for emery and brooklyn.

nicole, if you are reading this, close your eyes :) a box is en route to you as we speak.

(e is for emery :)

here's to many years to come with these fine ladies...oh, and here's to our girls night, hopefully in the very near future :)


  1. Ummmm ... you are seriously making me tear up woman! Don't know what else to say except that. Well actually I have one more thing to say ... seeing as how I closed my eyes for the last set of pics, I wouldn't know for sure but I'm just going to *suggest* a combined fuzhou sisterhood session over the summer with the pretty little outfits that I *didn't* see :-)

  2. PS - We are still praying! God can make anything happen!

  3. What an amazing story! Such a neat connection you all will have for the rest of your lives. I think it's so neat the way God sets these things up.
    I love the t-shirts too, by the way. Those owls are adorable :)

  4. oh goodness, SO much love coming into your world already from your adoption. I am in awe of you all and I am so excited to read about you going to get the little girl that was always yours, seriously- this is why I read blogs, amazing stories of amazing people. And on a shallower level... the gifts you made them are so beyond cute that I'm officially jealous of these girls, jk. But really, what a loving home they are coming into, they are lucky, you are lucky, this story is beautiful.

  5. That is so fantastic! What a wonderful bond you and Nicole and the girls will have forever! I love the necklace and the matching shirts.

  6. OMG, what an amazing story! God had you guys together as family before you even knew it!! Love the story, and enjoying watching Brookyln's first few days.

    Looking forward to following Emery's story as well!!



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