i take it all for granted.

i just spent a half hour crying (sobbing) and reading her story. her love. her loss. the after. and my heart aches. for her. her family. i can't imagine. it's unimaginable.
i ache because there are so many days that i take my love for granted. my sweet man who cares for us and serves our family and wakes up early with the kids, and give them baths, and rough houses after dinner and brings me a cup of coffee while i'm putting my makeup on, and remembers the laundry in the washer, and kisses me when i'm sad, and makes me laugh when i'm in a bad mood, and loves and loves and loves. he fills my car up with gas when i've let it go on empty again. he teaches the boys how to use tools and how to bake cookies. he folds 5 loads of clothes while watching an action flick. he loves to make hotdogs for dinner. he is strong. oh so strong. he is honest. if i were kidnapped, he would fight an army to save me. he is our champion. he is so much more than my husband and friend and so much more than just a dad...he's our love. and i don't want to know life without him. and i take him for granted. how tragic. i'm putting down the computer. i'm off to call my love and tell him how much i miss him.


  1. it's so easy to forget how precious and fragile life is.

  2. Thank you for the reminder about how incredibly blessed we are.

  3. i knew EXACTLY who you were talking about before i clicked the link. i SOBBED in front of the computer...glued to her blog, i couldn't walk away. then i kissed my kids up and down with a wet face and puffy eyes.



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