may 26th, 2010

since we found out about emery, i've been obsessed with may 26th, 2010. her birthday. i've scoured my photos and my calenders, trying to remember what we were doing on that day. my calender was blank on may 26th. i have no idea what our day held, but i know it was right around the time we were packing and moving out of our house. the day after, may 27th, i got all of my hair chopped off. that was the day she was abandoned and taken to the orphanage. may 28th, we had closing and officially sold our house. a new begining for us. for emery. for her birth parents. the 26th changed all of our lives...i just didn't know it yet :)

after all of my scouring, i've found nothing in our photos. not a single photo from may 26th.
all this to say, i got a coupon today. doesn't it always seem that a coupon can make a gal do crazy stuff? it was for "buy one, get one free" photo books and i've spent the last 3 hours combing through 1,000's of 2010 photos. i'm sure there's no way i'll finish before to coupon expires (midnight). i'm sure i'll get way too ambitions and try to edit every. single. one. so as to make said photo book perfect, when i should just actually get it done. otherwise, my kids will have a mom who took zillions of photos, but never printed any for them to see.

lo and behold, i found a lost category. hidden inside a folder's folder. it was labeled Fall 2010. i found a cute pic i took with my camera phone of the 3 baby birds we were watching hatch each day this past spring. NOT fall. SPRING. i thought to myself, "geeze, these are mixed up. when did i take this picture, anyway?"

date stamp: may 26th, 2010. 1:35pm.

i nearly lost my lid. my heart started freaking out. tears streaming. THIS IS IT! HER BIRTHDAY PICTURE!
without knowing it, i documented my 3rd baby bird! being born that very day! it couldn't possibly be a better photo to have taken. and i didn't even know it.
three baby birds. just like mine.
thank you Jesus! i need that today. i needed to be reminded that You were loving her that day, and yet, still let me be a part of it. how miraculous! i'll cherish it always!



  1. That is so amazing!!! She was definitely meant for you, I literally can't believe that you found an image this perfect from that day- MEANT TO BE. Also, the picture itself is amazing and can be framed and a part of her life for years... love everything about this.

  2. This is truly astounding. I'm speechless. Our God is so good. What a precious gift He gave you in this- it says so many things about the intentionality of our great God. I'm so happy for you that you discovered this. Maybe it was just what you needed that night? Love you!

  3. Oh how I love the Lord our God who gives us so much more than we need--confirmation, little gifts, blessings, sweet moments--just like this. He did not have to give you that picture, that beautiful image of the day she was born, your third baby in your nest. But, He did. Just because. He loves you. He loves her. Beautiful.

  4. Wow. Made me teary. He just loves to romance us and thrill us! "So do not worry about your life... if God cares for the birds of the air will He not take care of you?"

  5. How amazing! I love you and I love this moment!!

  6. Crying with you. Love this and I love how your little family was meant to be.

  7. Amazing. Beautiful. Perfect. I love when God surprises us in ways that are so meaningful!

  8. I literally got goosebumps reading this! How special! What a special memory to be able to share with her & add to her lifebook!



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