the perfect combination

we love love love this family.
we love love love lazy saturdays when the kids are so busy playing and creating and discovering that they don't even want to stop and eat. or snack. or whine. or complain. but honestly, i don't remember the last saturday we spent in a lazy fashion. in fact, they are a dying breed.

but last week, we found that this family and a lazy saturday are the perfect combination.
and any day that ends with smoores and sticky fingers is a great day in my book :)

i can't even describe what a relief it is to my soul to be able to share the joy of adoption with someone who is in the midst of it. the terror of knowing our children are with oneone else, and there is nothing we can do about it. the many unknowns and questions that we might not ever have answers to. an overwhelming love that can't be explained to anyone, but can be amazingly understood by a mama who shares the same passion for a baby in a far away land.

there will be a day soon when our families will gather again. a lazy saturday. kids and dogs and marshmellows. and 2 extra seats at the dinner table. 2 beautiful, amazing, joyful seats. and we will smile. and remember when we didn't have our babies. and then food will be flung across the table. someone will laugh and someone will get tickled. we will hardly remember all of the heartache of waiting...and yet we will cherish it because we will know how it changed us for the better.


  1. You made me tear up :-) Love you guys!

  2. beautiful story and a beautiful pictures. how lucky and loved these girls are.

  3. What a beautiful post and a very unique opportunity and relationship for your families and your babies. Love it.



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