the surprise

my foster is a boy who loves a good project. in fact, he can make just about anything into a project. this morning we washed a truckload of potatoes to take to our dear friend's fundraiser tonight...it became a washing, scrubbing, rinsing project of grant proportion.
in everything, there is a project to be found when you are a 4 year old boy.

this past monday, a brilliant idea erupted in my brain. it was naptime. foster had shown such kindness and sweet behaviour all morning. he was mr. happy and cheerful. i put both boys down for a nap, and foster said, "ok, mommy. i'll see you in a little while. i'll go take my nap now."
i knew it was the perfect day for a special reward.

with rowan sleeping soundly (and my mom downstairs to listen for him :) i snuck into foster's room. he popped up with a smile when he saw me.
"get up buddy! i'm taking you on a special adventure today!!"
"really? no nap???" he beamed..."what is it???"
"it's a surprise filled with your favorite things!!"

we hopped in the car and made a quick stop at the grocery store...he's been wanting pistachios, so we headed for the bulk aisle and let him scoop a big bag, just for him. $1.97

then we scooted on over to the salvation army. i told him to pick out any mechanical device he could find that had a blue price tag (blue tags were half price :).

we found this:

$1.50. score.

and swiftly headed home. he was filled with questions. filled with adventure. filled with delight at such a spontaneous event...just foster and mommy.

we got home and headed for the basement. tools were in order. and we hit the mother load in my dad's basement. seriously. anything you can imagine is kept in it's thresholds.

we went for flashlights, screwdrivers and hammers.

"remember how you've always wanted to take something apart and see how it works? well, go to town buddy! take it apart! lets see what's inside."

i let him take the lead. we went with any idea he had to get it open.

in the end, screwdrivers just weren't cutting it.

"can i use a hammer???" he said with awe.

"go for it buddy!"

that was all it took.

the next 45 min were so fun to watch. he is a boy meant for tools and projects and working hard. he hammered and hammered and hammered some more. that poor $1.50 radio was smashed to smithereens.

we examined every little part.
and my little boys heart was overjoyed

i'm so looking forward to our next surprise adventure.
although, i'm going to be hard pressed to beat this one!


  1. oy ve...this made my heart well up with happiness. I even got a little misty-eyed. Since having a girl I'm a wee bit scared of boys. But you make it look so cool. I think their ability to take anything and make it a toy/adventure/game is so cool.

    Emery is gonna have some cool brothers.

  2. you are by far THE coolest mom ever!!!! i can just hear the excitement in his voice! :) i wanna be like you when i grow up!

  3. Okay, I seriously think I am going to copy this idea. Evan would love doing this!

  4. I'm taking notes Ang. Keep these sweet ideas coming- you're awesome and your boys so evidently think so too :)

  5. I love this and will be putting it into practice very soon! I think our boys would have a great time together!

  6. Just found this post via Ashley Anne - so great! I write a column for our local paper (Estevan Lifestyles - SK Canada) called ifamily that gives families weekly ideas for low cost "family date nights". Would you be O.K. if I wrote about your special adventure. The credit would all be directed to you! YOu can let me know at dmwillms@sasktel.net. Thanks!

  7. If I have little boys one day I will be coming to you for creative ideas like this one!

  8. What a awesome idea. Thank you for the inspiration. I have a little boy would love, love, love this.

  9. What a priceless adventure and the memories he'll have of this day!!



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