3 hens and a jedi

we entered into some sort of far off chicken galaxy this past weekend. upon apprehending our neighbor's death star, er uh, chicken coop, as well as it's inhabitants, we've had to renew our princess leia hair buns and go head to head with one particular foe. apparently no one ever taught our new rooster how to play nice when his coop comes under new ownership. in fact, even a sideways glance sends him into a full out jedi spin move that would make luke skywalker donn his trusty light saber in a flash.  mr. jedi rooster is quite determined to show us just how much he dislikes our presence in his zone. our 3 quiet hens are his loyal ladies, who herd and scurry and flutter around him. they seem unfazed by his rude and startling aggression. perhaps they are drawn to his turn to the dark side in a darth vadar kind of way. i guess that's how these chicks roll.

 (fyi: this crazy rooster wasn't being kicked. i know it looks like it b/c of these pics...but my dad was actually holding his foot still and up in the air. the rooster did all of this craziness at an unmoving object. after a few questions regarding the rooster getting "kicked" i felt i needed to clarify. no kicking necessary. this bird is wackado all on his own :)

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