afternoon with granny

as we drove to lancaster today, my granny was in rare form. i sat there, listening to her teaching old hymns to the boys in the backseat, kicking myself for not having a video camera, or something to capture her precious words. i so want a flip video! it would have been perfect. 20 min into the sing along, i remembered my phone camera. i've been trying to catch her during her moments of excitement. so often she sits and has no idea what's going on around her. conversations pass her by. but then an old song, or memory comes back to her and she'll dance and giggle, and remember years long ago. all of the sudden, we are realizing the granny we have always known isn't coming back. i think we all keep expecting her to be who she was and it's continually surprising when she isn't. it seems like her mind is reverting back to being a little girl again. she loves to sing sunday school songs and bought 2 baby dolls to keep on her bed. she loves to look at the boys' little toy trains and cars and talks endlessly about her childhood. the brain changes and goes back to the beginning and can't find it's way back to the present. i'm so thankful we get to share in this part of her life!


  1. I love this post, real and honest. We have to truly be present in those moments and savor the legacies of our family... how sweet that she shares the joy of Christ in song with your babes! Hold on to that.



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