carousel of terror

i'm sitting here thumbing through a few shots from our past week (while i'm supposed to be folding laundry :) and i found this priceless moment from the carousel at the please touch museum. i laughed out loud, nearly waking the sleeping beings in the room next door. it's so rowan to giggle with excitement for a half hour at the thought of getting to go on the carousel, and then collapsing into a horseback riding ball of terror when we actually get on. by the end he was laughing and talked the rest of the day about his spinning horse...but seriously, his hysteria is somehow so endearingly adorable! i swear his horse is doing a double take :)


  1. I love real life pictures. i have so many of katie with a pouty face or crying. i don't want to forget those days.

  2. Oh that horse is so perking his ears up... thinking my bad luck with the screaming kid! But poor baby, when you're scared you are SCARED. All's well that ends well, huh?



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