family portrait in blue

foster, rowan & emery on a sunny day. by foster

oh how i adore love.
i love how adored she is.
i love walking into a room and finding our new family...sitting right there on the white board.
sometimes i have a moment when i forget. i get consumed with all of the rest of life, and forget how close we are...how close to packing, flying, meeting, kissing, snuggling. how close to our grand homecoming we actually are.
and then i walk in and see our family on the white board
and i adore love and how adored she is. 


  1. Awwwww I L-O-V-E this! Just love, love, love ... absolutely adore :-)

  2. One of my biggest joys in our adventure of adoption was seeing how quickly my children embraced Lydia. They attached to her and loved her with sheer abandon. Drew had a little bit of an adjustment period (telling me things like "I don't like Chinese people! EEECK!). But, he soon realized that she was his sister and has filled the big brother role just perfectly. :)

  3. Are you TRYING to make us cry here?? ;)



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