a few favorites from a recent photoshoot.
those buds had the hope of warmth in every petal. made me want to bottle up their promises of spring.
and mr. horse? so photogenic...he kept nuzzling in for a few more frames. made me want to cuddle up and go all "The Black Stallion" on the beach...i even went home and let the boys watch my childhood favorite film, to which they were totally mesmerized! thank you netflix instant play :)

absolutely no time to edit cute easter photos from our day of zillions of eggs and corn hole games and family batting practice and bikes and hoops and laughter. our lovely after-giant-feast-and-all-afternoon-outside deck gathering, fit with with glasses of wine spritzers and the miraculous sounds of my brother's guitar was chased away by a freak rain storm that threw us inside to feel the exhaustion of our beautiful day. as i type, a cool spring breeze blows past my laptop, urging me to get some rest so i can conquer the morning light and get to the gym for the first time in almost 2 weeks. yikes. my jeans are feeling it.
after our lovely day, all i can think of is this...clearly the best easter photo of all time :)

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