soul warmth

a large convergence of us descended on the gardens today.
13 + at least 20 little scamper-ers
i love the trail of strollers and stragglers. runners and roamers.
we string out and the early lunchers split off. we cross paths with the late lunchers and weave in an out of a beautiful array of smiles.

it was one of those days that begs for photos.
photos that will try, but never quite capture the beauty of the surrounding women and their precious ones.
the scampering herds of little ones who share lunches and strollers and laughs and wrestling moves and dreams

who discuss their future wedding plans in minute detail. we're talking cake design and isle walking techniques.

 today they picked a picturesque castle tree house for their nuptials.

can you tell they all love each other? really and truly love each other.

it's wonderful to have kids who can play together merrily without toys.
that's the measure of a true friend, in my opinion.
life is all the entertainment necessary.
well, life, and an orange football :)

it was one of those days filled with playful banter, heartfelt love and life warming friendships

the kind of friends that you will push your kids to skip naps just for a few more moments of time together
the kind of friends that live life with you...right along side.
warmth fills my soul when these girls are about.


  1. Friends are so special and so important! I'm glad you have some good girls around you. :)

  2. Love how you captured this day. Great job!

  3. Now that I have a longwood pass, I WANT TO GO WITH YOU GIRLS!! :)

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Longwood!! Love it. How sweet!

  5. I'm so sad that i missed it! my poor pink-eyed babies would have never made it more than an hour or so :(
    i esp love those pics of rowie and norki-norkster. so dear!
    but seriously, way to make me totally jealous!!!



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