there's a reason black and white photography was invented...

it was invented for days like today. to save us from an impending color clash overload and clothing pattern mayhem...
when little boys choose their own attire.

and somehow crazy clothes days always lead to lots of laughter. they make me more carefree. i let loose and do a crazy dance across the yard as i chase one of two giggling little guys. we tackle and tickle and chase again. we flew our kite higher than i even thought it would go. we chased golf balls that daddy hit 4 acres away. we practiced our basketball dribbling and shot making and trick shooting late into the evening. we rode bikes and pretended to have an ice cream shop with a bike wielding delivery service until the night sky made us realize how late it actually was. sometimes life is better when things are a little out of the ordinary. i love it that way :)


  1. Aww the boys are getting SO Big!! I can't wait for summer when we can have days and nights like this every day!!

  2. Aw cutest ever! Peyton LOVES to pick out her own clothes and they just about never match! LOL. In fact, I think she does it on purpose to spread her wings a bit. I always love seeing posts from you! Love ya!

  3. Foster looks like you in that last picture. Very cute.

  4. Adorable and fun in any color. Good reminder to me to loosen up more!



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