the beach, with a side of puke

my limp and now 7lbs lighter frame, is currently nursing a tall glass of ginger ale as i catch up on emails and my poor little lost blog. we headed out for a long beach weekend with 3 fantastic families. we all went to a fundraiser a few months back for our dear friends who just brought their son home from Ethiopia. it is such pure joy to be a part of a community of other families who are adoption minded. i know it will be more and more important as we go on in our journey.
anyhow, at the fundraiser, we all went in on a beach house. the 4 girls and 8 kids carpooled and headed down a day early. due to my directionally impaired skills, katie and i ended up making a slight (1.5 hour) detour in the wrong direction, chocking our in car total to just under 6 hours. as a point of reference, it took clint 2.5 hours to get us home today...but we won't tell katie, mmk? at least she's the perfect person to be stuck in a car with! i'll take another 6 hours, please, but this time, no stir crazy kids in the back seat :)
we had a splendid (and exhausting) day on the beach, and 4 mamas and 8 kids were really excited about the hubbies arrival, late friday night.
oh around 2 am, i woke up to a not-so-welcoming feeling. i'll spare you the details, but add in a large amount of puke that lasted through the night and well into the day. perhaps the worst flu i have ever encountered. and although i missed a great day with friends, including the boardwalk, and kids on rollercoasters, and the company of some of my favorite people, i must say, i'm thankful it happened at a time when i could have a day to be sick. puke at the beach = horrible. puke at home while taking care of kids = even worse.

i'll take the beach with a side of suntan next time, thank you :)

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