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i went wayyy overboard in my hair cutting adventure this evening. the overabundance of ringlets led me to cut at least 1 unch shorter than i anticipated. uhg. why oh why do i insist on going all rambo and chopping everything in sight?
put. scissors. down.
walk. away.

 foster made emery a christmas gift today, which included a lovely letter and a tissue paper flower. he might just be the first person in america to have an item crossed off of his christmas list for this year :) and i might just cry at his thoughtfulness.

our laundry basket doesn't quite know how to handle the traumatizing amount of pink that was introduced today. little ruffles and pink crazyness seems to be floating around everywhere. our laundry pile is a mixed bunch of boy meets girl. and i love it :)

after stalling and fretting over emery's blanket for months, i finally sat down and finished it tonight. i'm sooo pleased with it! the colors, the vibrance, the carefree essence...ok i'm reading too much into it. it's just a blanket. but, oh...i love it.
("hoot" by momo fabric)

and then there's this. foster has talked for weeks about wanting to find a caterpillar. to no avail. then today at a friends house, we found them swarming on the sidewalk. we carried this little buddy all the way home on our lap. not even an hour after bringing him home and making him a habitat, he started spinning his cocoon! what awesome timing! can't wait for the boys to wake up and see the progress he has made by the morning.

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  1. oh ang that blanket is just beautiful!!! emery is one blessed little girl!



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