{emery's baby shower amazingness!}

last friday, my gal-pal laurel and i headed out for an evening of girl-gab dinner. after stuffing ourselves full of chatter, seared tuna, and outback steaks (our $70 meal was comped to $10 each! laurel, you rock!) we headed out for coffee, but made a quick stop off at church to "pick up her diaper bag." little did i know, as we snuck in the back door of the cafe, i was actually walking into emery's surprise baby shower! when we opened the door and heard "surprise," my first reaction was "oh no! we ruined someone's surprise!" thinking we were walking in on someone else's party! i was more than suprised...my heart was exploding! i couldn't believe they had done all of this for me and my girl. after calming down from the initial shock and sharing some tears of joy, i was so blown away by the love and amazing generosity of our friends and family. man, baby girl...you've got a whole lot of love coming your way!

and seriously? the most beautiful shower i have ever seen. the fashionable and creative lauren, of Paper Heat Studios, came up with the most amazing design and seamlessly thought of every tiny detail. she teamed up with my sister in love lauren and worked for weeks preparing to shower my sweet baby girl with love. i've dreamed of throwing someone a shower with lauren's creative juices...i can't believe emery and i were the recipients of such a memorable night! what a blessing the laurens' are :)

i am beyond blessed to be among these girls. my daughter has no idea what is coming for her, and i can't wait for her to be among women such as these.

and oh the little girl clothes. oh the amazingly cute little girl things. little boy clothes look dirty rocks compared to these gems! i can't stop looking at them! can't wait for emery to wiggle around in her fabulous new digs!

see the rest of the shower here. this girl rocks!

oh, and here's how she made Emery's beautiful "E" board!!

Chare', thank you so much for capturing emery's night! i'm so thankful to have all of the details documented to show her someday! :)


  1. that is STUNNING, your daughter is so loved. The room looks amazing, I'm sure it was slighted only by the excitement for her arrival.

  2. Beautiful...what a perfect surprise!



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