roller derby

we cheered and jeered for the newly formed roller derby squad on saturday night. located at the site of my middle school roller skating hayday, we embraced fishnets and teenie tiny shorts, coupled with sassy nicknamed ladies wielding shoulder slams and hip smacks for days. seriously, these girls can take the pain and then some. clint's sister christie (known only as the "deckherh8er" in the derby world)  rocked the rink along side "hustle lynn", "blonde mayhem" amongst many others i can't remember at the moment. 

                                                                                                                              (photo credit: brandywine roller girls)

we hung out for a bit with the gals after the gala...what a great bunch. regular moms, business women and professional ladies...who gear up and kick the snot out of each other for fun. oh how i wish i were so tough. i admire their gusto and no-fear attitude.  i'd be down for the count after just one of these...                             

(photo credit: blair caldwell)

although i nearly became a roller girl casualty while taking this shot on clint's camera phone:

 i got a roller girl in my lap, and leapt out of the path of destruction

we had so much more fun than i expected...you can't beat unusual date nights with great friends...who needs a sit down dinner?? i love a good chance to scream until my throat is soar, and cheer for a solid hip check :)

(photo credit: blair caldwell)

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