timeline update! {& emery's birthday}

it's her birthday today. actually, since china is 12 hours ahead, her birthday was technically yesterday, and i totally forgot about the time change! but in america, it's her birthday. a glorious day. with glorious news! we have a timeline update and we are approx 6 weeks from takeoff.

the day each of my 3 kids were born...i reflect each of those days more and more. i try to remember details. how they looked. how i felt. the smell of their new skin and the lovely feel of their kissable lips while they slept. their birth stories are so different, and yet so much the same. they were each created for a unique and profound purpose...to bring glory to their Father with each day of their existence. they each have the ability to change the world around them. they were created to be loved. to bless their family and friends and strangers. to bring joy and blessings to their parents. to bring love and joy to their siblings...an unconditional love so beautiful it can't really be explained. 

some of my kids were born to us through adoption. some were born the old fashioned way.
from here on out, it doesn't really matter who is and who isn't.
all that matters is we are a family. the weldons.
and today, we celebrate our one year old...Emery Lin Weldon

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY honey! we love you so much! can't wait to celebrate with you on gotcha day!
we'll do it up in China...maybe get some fireworks and dumplings...toast some chinese locals on the street...eat some crazy strange chinese cake or meat on a stick. and we will soak up every moment with you. precious and amazing you.


  1. YES YES YES!!!! This is great news! We absolutely CANNOT wait to celebrate Emery with you, today on her birthday, and in July when she comes home for good, and every opportunity after that :)
    Love you guys so much!

  2. Fantastic news! Can't wait to hear you have your plane tickets in hand and you're on your way! Praying for these final weeks to go fast!

  3. CONGRATS! I am sure you are overflowing with JOY. XO

  4. YEAH!!! And Happy Birthday Emery!

  5. I remembered her birthday this week but was so busy with beads, I didn't get a chance to come by and share my love. :) Now, I am. Happy belated birthday to your baby! Can't wait to hear you have that TA and are buying your tickets to bring her home!

  6. Happy Birthday, sweet Emery! Ang, I am so sure that you and all your boys are aching for Emery today more than usual. Praying that the time will go quickly! hugs.

  7. happy birthday emery! can't wait until you and your family finally meet. oh how you are loved!



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