we're a whole lot of hot mess going on around here.
i've got one with pneumonia, another one who probably has pneumonia, and i'm nursing a migraine the size of texas, matched only by the throbbing and ringing in my ears. it's a daily coughing competition around these  parts, and foster takes it upon himself to announce the winner of the most horrible sounding barks.

oh the many things i haven't accomplished lately. the list is extensive, and larger than i'd like to admit.
photo editing? blogging? what's that? time seems to disappear faster than the snack cabinet. you know it's bad when there are piles of papers and boxes and randomocity so deep that entrance into our bedroom appears to be more of an obstacle course than an entryway.

it will all have to wait another day. maybe two.

i'm currently quarenteened in bed, with my dear husband putting the children to rest for the 3rd night in a row. then to the doctor's in the am. hoping for something strong and powerful to get me on my feet again.

and then we are going to hide away in a germ free bubble zone for at least a month. either that, or i'm going to bathe us in hand sanitizer each night, hoping to wisk away all lingering germs...and while we're whisking, lets take a gander at the stink bug population. we could do without them as well :)


  1. ugh. feel better soon!!!!!!

  2. Oh nooooooo Angie I'm so sad to hear this :-( I'll pray for everyone to heal quickly.



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