and just like that, he's 5

it feels like yesterday that he was just a little bundle...and in the very same moment, it feels like he's always been so tall and whitty and loving and knowledgeable. so imaginative, inquisitive, determined. so handsome and bright and kind and ingenuitive. so all grown up and still a little boy. he's so many things, but best of all, he's my son. i'm ever proud of who is and the man he is becoming each day. a future man who will look after those who are younger and older, comfort those who cry, pray for those around him, defend those in peril, and save those in trouble. he is a boy about adventure, and i love being a part of his life. i love you my boy, my foster kade.
life is lovely with you in it.



  1. Happy birthday foster! 5 was the hardest birthday for me so far. I still can't come to grips with the fact that I'm old enough to have a kindergardner.

  2. you have some of the cutest kids ever. i especially love the soccer picture. those two beautiful girls belong to some of my dearest friends. LOVE them!



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