boys + water + burning hot lava

just when i think it's hot outside, my toes touch the paved driveway and jump back for fear of 3rd degree burns. there's hot, and then there's driveway hot. we've soothed our driveway hot in the same fashion for 3 days straight. it's a sort of recycling center, meets baseball stadium, meets calvin cline underwear model, meets me sitting down for extended periods of time, poolside. albeit our poolside is a bit more trailer park and a little less park avenue. we rock the kiddie pool circa 2006. somehow it still entertains.

today we made a coconut factory, perhaps inspired by this gem, which entertained me whilst poolside. and then we brought out sink stools which, of course, became launchpads.

we ventured out of the pool for a new adventure this morning.
we got our first cast.

not the broken bone kind, but the toe walking kind.
my toe walker prevails through all types of talking and physical therapy and specialists and stiff soled shoes.
we are moving on to night braces and shoe supports. i've been delaying it. i didn't want him to have to go through such an annoying and difficult challenge. but there's no denying it. it's time.
toe walkers unite :)

the best part of our leg brace casting morning was the free kurig coffee at the doctors office. caramel french vanilla for me, and water in coffee cups for them. entertained them for the whole ride home. awesome.

i've also in the midst of planning foster's 5th bday party. i'm forcing myself to spend as little money as possible. and you know what? i've been able to come up with nearly everything from something we already have on hand. i'm going low key with minimal decor and banking on kids having fun because they are kids and mom's getting a chance to sit in the shade and chat.
(by the by, i saw this on miss ashley ann's blog...best bday idea ever!...and now i know what i'm going to do next year :)

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  1. i saw the mud-run birthday party idea too, and instantly promised myself, and sam, that i would do it for him when he was old enough to remember and enjoy it! It's the best idea EVER!!!!
    And, Im kinda upset about the whole cast thing. see, i've always loved this about foster and Im really gonna miss his toe- walking. i'm guessing it could cause some problems and that is why he has to go through all this, but the way he walks is pretty stinking adorable. bummer.



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