gotcha day for brooklyn

we have been overjoyed to see our dear friends meet their sweet baby girl brooklyn in china this week! we have shared in each other's journey for the past 7 months and i can't even express my excitement to finally see them with brooklyn!!  brooklyn is emery's "fu sister" - you can read more about the amazing connection our girls have here and here.
we love the chryst family so much and i've been pouring over their blog as they have been documenting their first 2 days in china with their baby girl.
join me in praying for them as they get to know their sweet baby girl! 


  1. I've been following along and totally tearing up along the whole way. Is this just making it so real for you? I can't imagine!!

  2. what a gorgeous little girl! amazing story of God's faithfulness and provision. praying still :)

  3. It's so fun to see Brooklyn in Nicole's arms at last. Can't wait to celebrate that for you as well!



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