lasagne bug catchers

i've been wanting to tackle OAMC for a while now. i got motivated on tuesday night after yoga. darn that feel-good-torture. makes me do crazy stuff. it's 2:30 am and i have tex-mex chicken soup on the stove and some sort of potato/ham dish in the oven. why do i insist on starting projects i know i won't be able to finish at a decent hour?? i'll admit. i'm inspired during the evening hours. the quiet. the un-interruptedness. glorious. i'll stay up another hour just to savor it.

so, instead of falling asleep in front of turning on the tv while i wait, i'm scrounging for projects.

a pile of jars from 2 batches of lasagna and other recycling bin finds are now custom bug catchers for the boys and their friends.

i dug up a bunch of colors from my dad's basement, which turned out to be a harrowing decision because they are all from 1976, the caps are impossible to remove, and once an impossible cap has been painstakingly removed, there isn't a spray nozzle to be found. where do they go, anyway?

after finding a stray nozzle, only 2 of the 15 bottles i tried were able to muster some sort of spray. the yellow is more of the consistency of milk and seems to shy away from it's primary job of full coverage. but the silver covers like a champ. including my fingers. thank you ill fitting spray nozzle.

my original cute idea of each kid having a different color jar cap is foiled.
enter garage sale tags.
back in business.

i gotta say, i might just get used to this once a month thing. i'm sure i'll be thanking myself when emery comes home and i have a few weeks of minimal cooking. or at least i will if i can ever remember to take dinner out of the freezer the night before. i wonder how many times i'll forget and end up making turkey dogs and tater tots??


  1. i like the quiet of the night..though my crazy eyebags the next morning speak otherwise LOL

    all the best with all that cooking!!! XOXO

  2. I've thought about doing this as well. But, I'm with you. I think I'd forget a lot and end up making our go-to pancake dinner. Who knows though...

  3. I so wish we lived closer so I could do this with you! I have a bunch of OAMC cookbooks and have *never* used them. LOL. Maybe I should pass them onto you so they can actually get USED.

  4. I have heard OAMC and OAMG saves you TONS of money (and time). I got this book (Americas Cheapest family) and it said to try to start small - go from once a week grocery shopping to once ever 1.5 weeks. And so on. So far I am at 6 days (I use to shop ever 5 days). I am still working on it obviously...but I will master it...one day!!



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