one of the best investments...

swim lessons.
we've been joining 3 of our 3year old friends for swim lessons over the past 2 weeks. it's been perilous at times, as all of the kids went through stages of outrageous crying and underwater moments of horror in the learning stage. while their teacher was never far from them, she teaches them what happens when they are unsafe on their belly...it's not fun.
back = safe
belly = lots of water consumption (oh, and puking. gross.)
at least 5 times i had to hold myself back from jumping in the pool to save him as he was crying uncontrollably (while UNDER water). to say the least, we have been peeing A LOT after swim class!

our swim teacher? incredible! she had all of the kids swimming by themselves on their back on the FIRST day! it's been amazing to see the transformation. today, they all had breakthroughs. rowan is finally (well almost) able to jump in without totally breaking down into tears. in the end, he comes out of the pool smiling, and he is so proud of himself for accomplishing something that was so hard in the beginning.
i continually feel better and better about his ability to be able to save himself, if the worst were to happen. i'm still ultra paranoid around pools, but no matter how paranoid and careful i am, my kids need to have the skills required in case they were to fall in a pool.

check it out...

my dear friend lauren (who organized the lessons afor us - you rock my dear!) took a bunch of pics last week. these kids are crazy cute!


  1. I have friends who did lessons at West Chester, I believe, that take this same approach. They suggested I take our kids there. I just couldn't do it. I think there they don't even let the parents close to the pool so that they don't interfere--I know why! I could barely watch your video -- it would just be too too hard for me. And, because of that, here my kids are older and just learning how to swim. Ugh. I know it is so good for them to do -- but, oh my gosh, at the end there when I can hear you responding too -- I just don't think I could do it. Gotta say that Rowan is a total champ though and just kept pressing through it -- incredible. Maybe I should do this with Drew and Lydia - gosh, I don't know if I could!!! (total rambling comment here...)

  2. My daughter is taking ISR swim lessons now, is that what these are? Here is a clip from her at like her 10th lesson I think.


    So glad to have met you angie on your blog!!

  3. @ Raundenbush Family - It was tough the first week or two with Lexie. But after that, she decided she LOVED swim lessons with Ms. carol. Now she runs in the water to meet her.

    It was super hard the first week though...my DD actually hid under our desk one day. The suckers at the end of the lesson helped. :-)



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