palmolive play {and photo styling}

i've been fantastically enjoying lightroom 3 (especially because i got the teacher pricing :). i think i love it a bit too much because i find myself deep in the middle of the night perusing the many styling options. i will be the first to admit, i have no idea what i am doing. i use a lot of presets and i am endlessly watching google tutorials.

the change is amazing. a little (or a lot) of editing, makes a big difference. a so-so photo taken with a point and shoot can become something really interesting with some tweaking. it makes me question every photo i see online because i wonder how much is attributed to the camera, to the photographer or to the editing.

thus i give you...an incessant amount of pictures...and the fun of lightroom.

both of these ideas are courtesy of my son, who is often so much more creative and inventive than i.
many times, we think of things to do because he has an idea...and i love his ideas.
today, he wanted to play with soap.
out came sponges and buckets of soapy water.

oh, and water guns :)

2 hours later, the boys were STILL playing with soap. amid refilling buckets and water guns, i was able to scrub the kitchen floor, do 2 loads of laundry and sip coffee whilst dodging water gun squirts on the deck. i was then chased out into the yard in a "squirt mommy" attack, to which i avenged my own honor with a stray garden hose.

after lunch we invented these. they were even better when we added food coloring. lots and lots of food coloring.

they were a lot LESS fun when we got bubble covered hands in our eyes (insert lots of crying) and we decided next time we would use baby shampoo to insure that we don't wash our eyeballs with palmolive again.


  1. From one lightroom nerd to another, I hear you :) Love it, and makes photos just look THAT much better.

  2. You're amazing. You inspire me. I want to be like you when I grow up ;)



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