smash wednesday

a great day of learning (and smashing stuff with hammers) was had by all.
check out the fun here captured by my lovely and talented friend.
wednesdays are our new favorite day.
we came home exhausted, muddy, (more than a little smelly) and delighted by such fun with friends.

today marks 2 weeks since we got our Artical 5. my phone is glued to my side waiting for the phone call of all phone calls...our travel dates!! it could come anyday now...at any moment...and i'm counting each moment as being closer to holding her!


  1. You guys are seriously so clever. The pictures at your friend's blog are beautiful. Hope you all had fun at sushi night! Can't wait to hear those travel dates!

  2. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and praying you get that phone call soon to pick up your baby girl :)



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