the adoption connection

isn't it wonderful to learn the interworkings of how each family comes to be? i find all family stories amazing. birth stories and toddler stories. kids peeing in the front yard stories. mud splashing, smile inducing, funny and monumental stories. and the small but oh-so-important stories. first moments. first words. babies who smile constantly, and babies who, well, do a bit more crying. kids who have lovies, or binkies, or special buddies...and the small interworkings of how we are all so different, and yet so much the same. finding a common bond between our kids, stories, faith, family values, etc...it's something that can link friends for life. the adoption connection is an especially wonderful bond. i've met moms in all stages of adoption. some in the grocery store. some at church. some on blogs. some are friends of a friend's cousin's sister. and these moms  have brought me such joy in moments of heartache. there is something fantastic about moms who are like-hearted. maybe its a connection through a love of cooking, photography, garden planting, blogging, similar parenting styles, etc...we all have them. you meet fellow moms who feel like home when you are with them. you have a connection.
that's how i feel about katie. she's one of those moms who puts you at ease, says something witty, speaks to her children with love and grace, makes everyday things an adventure, and inspires me by who she is and the passion she has for life. oh, and i adore her.

katie and her husband ryan have 2 cutie-pie little boys. and they are in the process of adopting their daughter from the congo. their connection to africa and the congo is so beautiful! see here and here.

to jump-start their adoption, katie and ryan are hosting a giveaway for an ipad! yes, an ipad.

if you have a moment, check out their story...and if you feel so led, buy a raffle ticket or two. you can be a part of their journey (and you might just find yourself blogging on your new ipad :)

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  1. You are amazing! I think I will hire you to write all my posts:) You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you immensely for your support and comfort in this journey of life and adoption! I love you! (ps- you made me cry -- I guess we both have been pretty emotional lately -- thank you for letting me join in!)



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