the amazing ones

they are all around. they are ever talented. they create and invest and give generously. they have full time jobs and business and kids leaping from desk armoires. they are just like the rest of us, but they find a little something extra to squeeze out of their day, and then they give it away.
i've had a few days like that. they are the ones when i'm frazzled and doing a million things at once. the kids are haywire, i spend the day wondering why i constantly try to do too much and wonder when was the last time i had a shower. and then i squeeze out a moment or two for someone else. a simple invention for the boys to discover. a giant tent made of sheets and cushions. a meal for a friend. a handmade surprise. even something simple like packing my husbands lunch on a morning that is overly chaotic.
and it makes it all worth it.
and i wonder why i don't do it more often.
then life keeps happening.
there are days i don't do anything special except for the things no one else will ever know about. extra kisses and holding hands and snuggle noses. i lay and talk of adventure. i sit and just listen to them play and pretend and make-believe. we eat Popsicles before breakfast or giggle for no reason at all.
and it makes it all worth it.
and i wonder why i don't do it more often.
life keeps happening.

and then, amidst the everyday, amazingness arrives. unexpected, surprising, deep seeded blessing. the kind that makes my soul smile. a blessing squeezed from a place of love and generosity. i've seen it so many times throughout our adoption process, and yet, i still remain surprised at the sheer incrediblness.

i opened a package yesterday and found this:

the ever talented lillian eve designs sent this little beauty to my little beauty. just because. because she's amazing. she isn't made of time (after all, she's been featured on Kelly Hampton's blog...and is a highly acclaimed indie designer)  but she is made of supernatural oomph and love.

the amazing ones.
it's an honor to be surrounded by such as these

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  1. Can't wait to see some pics of the beautiful baby!

    XO Safe and happy travels! XO

    Congrats! yay!



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