the baby bump

she has a beautiful one. we had the honor of celebrating her this week...my dear and wonderful friend. you can't beat a surprise shower that's actually a surprise :)  and it gave me a reason to try out tissue-paper-flowers-from-the-ceiling and go all martha stewart. in all honesty, i made these whilst attending the rodeo known as 2 rambunctious boys on a saturday afternoon. martha would not have approved of these fluffy buddies getting a test run bounce over the kitchen counter.

word to the wise. if you plan on making cute cake pops, proceed with caution. these little buggars nearly drove me to the end of my rapridly frustrating skewer

(my friend katie took these amazing maternity shots - i so regret not having any maternity photos when i was pregnant with my boys...what a treasure to have!)


  1. beautiful pictures to remember the day :) I am bummed I forgot my camera, though--darn it! And the cake pops may have been a pain but they were yummy :)

  2. That's so neat. "We" used tissue paper flowers at Susan's wedding. I say "we" but I only helped install the decor - didn't come up with the concepts :) You would have loved her wedding - very homemade.



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