the best part of chick-fil-a

on the way home from vbs this morning, we ventured to our favorite treat. although i usually pack lunch and snacks so we don't eat out uneccisarily, i love suprising the boys with something they love when they don't expect it.

chickies + waffle fries
giving back 2 kids meal books

and getting 2 of these instead (for free!!)

it's a lesser known chick-fil-a secret. the best secret.

oh, and 2 days from takeoff.


  1. get the heck outta here!!!! how did you find out about this secret?!?! i'm in awe oh-all-knowing-mama!!!

  2. sadly I know this from ordering the kids meal for myself and telling them I don't need a toy.... hahaha. praying in advance for your little one, your travels, and for things to go smoothly. xoxo



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