day 1 in guangzhou

we have one exhausted, but happy little babe today. after the medical exam this morning (quite traumatic because the nurses and doctors had to hold her for measurements, etc) she promptly fell right asleep. i'm not sure what last night was all about, but she went right to sleep for her nap, so we're chalking it up to experience and being over tired.

there are adoptive families EVERYWHERE! it's an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many beautiful and amazing families! we've met a bunch of people already and i love hearing their stories and seeing such love and beauty beaming out all over the place!

guangzhou is like a mirage...and it doesn't feel much like china. i'm excited to take some pics of the beautiful buildings and uniqueness. for a china loving girl, it's fun to see such an anomaly, but i must say, if i'm gonna be in china, i want the real china :)

oh, and i spilled powdered formula all over my camera, case and the inside of our backpack. apparently chinese formula is closely related to super glue :) i'm off to do some glue removal before our friends arrive. our dear jack and shirley are on the way to the hotel...so excited to see them!hopefully my extra sticky camera will will be able to capture our time together :)


  1. I know, it seems weird to read your story and then another (nihaoyall.com) at the same time! AND our neighbors just moved to China 2 weeks ago. China's the place to be, apparently. :)
    Loving the updates!

  2. Just walk over that bridge, and you're back in "real China." :)



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