day 2 {we love daddy}

something happened during the night. something amazing. it's called sleep. it works wonders. emery slept from 8pm until 7 am. and we did too. other than my middle of the night blog rendezvous, we all awoke together with big smiles. she is feeling so much more comfortable with clint. it's so beautiful to see them interacting. we sat little lady on the bed, and we marveled at her joy. she's been transitioning really well considering what a traumatic experience it must be to have new parents, new smells, new food, new everything. i doubt she's ever spent much time walking around town, riding in cars, climbing ancient towers, etc. her calm demeanour is so amazing. other than some crying when she is hungry or tierd, she takes it all in stride, it seems. and girlfriend can eat! she eats anything and everything we put in front of her. she had pancakes, eggs, yogurt, bread, puffs :), juice, conge, and fried rice today. she chuggs her bottles and loves to play with anything she can get her hands on. such an active and sweet girl. spoons seem to be a big hit. spoons and cups. spoons and cups and rings. she carrys one of those everywhere. we walked up and around a huge tower today and she held her ring the whole time and never even dropped it. i think its comforting for her to have something to hold. i've been sling wearing her constantly. yeesh, i'm glad i brought 2 types. thanks laurel for lending me the side sling! the mai tai i made is wonderful, but it's also making my dresses hike up in the back. can't have that :) so having both has been great.

she loves to look at pictures of her big brothers!!

we are here with another couple from our agency, so it's great to have another couple to pal around with, eat with, etc. their little girl is adorable! 2 months older than our emery and very relaxed and chill.

this was in a room with over 200 other people. it was also 200 degrees :)

i'm so thankful for our previous experience in china. the strangeness of this place feels normal. we have found our way out to dinner, walked the streets and found a super market and tomorrow we are going to a 5 story flee market. i can't wait! bring on the bargaining! we are going to buy some chinese clothes because we don't have any more clothes that will fit little missy. everything falls off of her little tooshie :)

it's the traffic that is always so amazing. still, after so many times in china, i am amazed at how no one gets mad when someone totally cuts them off. when bikers stroll out into a busy street and everyone somehow just moves around them. no one really stops when you walk across the street...you just get out of the way...you know, between the 3 lanes of traffic zipping on either side of you, while holding a baby. it's fun. serious fun. i can't wait to risk our lives tomorrow just to buy some water.  :)

some of our day...

this lovely flower headband was made the very talented and wonderful katie!!  she has blogged a few times about our sweet gal, and i am so thankful for her kind words and her sweet readers.
we got these shots before the headband got a spit wash...we'll try again tomorrow. this girl looks so crazy cute with a headband...she's gotta learn to love them :)

clearly this flower is a tad too small :)  haha

but, oh...she looks so cute!!


  1. haha, she looks like a doll in the headband I made her!! And she'll grow into your beautiful headbands too :)

    Love it!! Adore these posts!

  2. Oh wow, just wow!!!! I am in tears reading of your reunion....tears of joy and relief for you and your arms that are finally embracing her!!! She is absolutely beautiful....oh so precious!!!!!! She is tiny! How much does she weigh?
    I'm so happy for you.....so happy for u, and praising God for the miracle of adoption!
    Ps. You'll have to send me those Chinese sentences that you know, I think they will be helpful when we go get our baby girl!!! I cant wait! You'll have to tell me Ll the hints, techs and tips you are discovering!
    Again, congratulations and I will pray for the tree of you as you continue to bond!!! Xoxox

  3. OMG. She is so beautiful. Those pics are amazing. I love the one of her sitting on the bed and Clint's looking at her. Can't wait to meet her. So proud of you guys. Clay

  4. Angie, I am crying through all of these posts. Soo soo happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet Emery Lin in person.

  5. So happy for you!!! God is so good!!!

  6. Just looked back...bc I missed her sweet, sassy little self...so beautiful miss emery, so beautiful!!



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