farewell vontrapp style {radio silent}

this song has been running in my head all day. and i found this video ever appropriately subtitled in chinese :)

this afternoon, we took our last family photo with emery under glass. can't wait till she's wiggling in my arms!

tomorrow morning, the boys will awake to these:

one of the best parts of us going to get emery, is knowing foster and rowan will be having so much fun staying with my parents. if there's anyone who's fun and loving, generous and full of everything wonderful, it's my mom! i'm excited for them to soak up some one on one time together! i'm sure my dad will have them trucking around on the ranger, or scouting new motorcycle parts, much to their delight. we also have great friends & uncles & aunts lined up for play dates and sleep overs. yeesh, they probably won't even miss us!! :)

we'll be radio silent for a few days.
but believe you me, as soon as i can get my hands on some photos of my girl, i'll be posting them!!

i don't think i'll even be able to express my gratitude and deep thanks for all of the love and kindness we have received. i have seen and heard and felt the body of Christ in the most powerful way.
praise be to Jesus! my daughter is coming home!


  1. Amen!!! Speedy, safe, happy, glorious travels!! Can't wait to see pictures of you holding your daughter in your ARMS!!

  2. So excited for you. Congratulations. I couldn't help but share your joy! http://ryanandkenz.blogspot.com/2011/07/only-love-only-hope.html

  3. ahhhh this post makes me so excited for you!!! i love the packages you put together for the boys. so awesome ang! can't wait till you post pictures of you and emery!!! God is so good!!!

  4. So very excited -- I can't wait to see those first pictures. And, I'm even more excited for a play date sometime after you get home so we can get these Chinese girlies together!

  5. Oh Angie, that is the best family picture! We love you so much and ARE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!! Lots of prayers and all of our love heading your way!

  6. So happy for you! I hope you have a safe & wonderful trip. Can't wait to see pictures of her.

  7. Yeah!!!! So excited for you....soak it all in....and then post it for us :)

  8. so very excited for you
    all the very very best!
    Will pray for your trip to go smoothly!!

  9. So excited that this day has finally come for you guys! Praying praying praying that it all goes to (God's) plan xxx

  10. I'm fighting back tears of immense JOY for you! I've spent a lot of time praying for your trip the last couple of nights. God's favor is upon you as you travel. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Kesh

  11. its here. wow! can i even tell you how excited i am for you??? i was awake in the night thinking about this...the best trip ever in weldon history past and present! :) hugs

  12. Praying for a Peaceful transition, that God has prepared her heart for your family of LOVE!

  13. The Sound of Music, my all time favourite!! And the songs, fantastic!!

    Your family picture is just beautiful, and I can't wait for your new family picture, when the newest member Emery is finally home.

    I only found out about your blog today, as I'm writing this, Emery is already safely in your arms. I'm so happy for you and your family. What an exciting journey this has been, and what an even more blessed journey this is going to be. This is just the beginning of an adventure, just follow the Leader! God with you!!

    p/s: big brother in mandarin is ge ge, not gu gu =)



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